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Ssc Tuatara Speed Record

Ever since the Tuatara's official launch, SSC seemingly set its sights on Bugatti. The car was envisioned to go 300 mph, and in fact, the Tuatara's top speed is estimated to be 312 mph. SSC Tuatara Breaks Speed Record, Hits 331 Webb's two-way average of 316 mph is the official record, and his peak of 331 mph is what has astonished the automotive world.

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The 1305kW (1750hp) V8-powered SSC Tuatara supercar has set a phenomenal top speed of 508.73km/h (316.11mph) in the United States this week to claim the title of world’s fastest production vehicle.

Ssc tuatara speed record. The SSC Tuatara brings the speed record back to America. SSC. 13 / 16. The SSC Tuatara follows in the footsteps of the SSC Ultimate Aero, which set a 256-mph record in 2007. SSC. 14 / 16. The world's new FASTEST car: American brand SSC dethrones Bugatti as its Tuatara hypercar sets record top speed of 331mph in Las Vegas. The US maker posted a record average speed of 316.11mph. Eight years have passed since then, and the speed record is now being held by the Koenigsegg Agera RS at 277.9 mph, but SSC promises to move the benchmark into 300-mph territory with the Tuatara.

SSC Reportedly Attempted a Top-Speed Run of Its Claimed 300+MPH Hypercar A local report out of Nevada suggests a high-speed run—perhaps a record attempt—by the Tuatara. Hypercar maker SSC closed down a long, straight strip of Nevada highway this weekend for a top speed world record attempt using its 1,750-horsepower Tuatara, and according to one anonymous tipster. Confirming rumors circling last week, SSC announced today it has broken the top speed record for production vehicles with its 1750-horsepower Tuatara supercar. With a fastest top speed of 331 mph.

On October 10, the Shelby Supercars (SSC) Tuatara—its creator is no relation to Carroll Shelby—has claimed a world production-car record with a 316.11-mph average speed. The Tuatara's quickest. SSC Tuatara smashes top speed record, hits 331 mph Once again, there's a new 'fastest production car in the world' The Tuatara’s actual top speed was 532km/h, but the official record is made up of an average of two timed runs, one in each direction to account for wind resistance.

The 1,750-HP SSC Tuatara Could Be the World's Fastest Production Car After Secret Record Attempt in Nevada SSC reportedly shut down a public highway for the world record attempt, and an anonymous. SSC’s Tuatara is the fastest car in the world with 331mph top speed. Video: look and weep, puny earth cars, Tuatara hits 316mph two-way average The SSC Tuatara becomes the world's fastest production vehicle as it hits a top speed of 331.15mph, with an average speed of 316.11mph following the completion of another run to make the record.

The world has a new fastest car. On Oct. 10, the reptilian SSC Tuatara hypercar posted an average speed of 316.11 mph (508.73 km/h) while driving on a seven-mile (11.27 km) stretch of two-lane. There’s a new “fastest production vehicle” in the world, and it’s produced by an American hypercar company. On October 10, the SSC Tuatara annihilated the previous record set by the Koenigsegg Agera RS. Over two runs, the Tuatara averaged 316.11 mph, smashing the Agera RS’ 277.9 mph average. SSC Tuatara top speed record run; slide-2271291. SSC Tuatara top speed record run; slide-2271294. SSC Tuatara top speed record run; slide-endcap. More Photos. Vehicles most likely to hit 300,000.

SSC Tuatara sets new production car top speed record of 508.73kph. Follow us on 21 st Oct 2020 7:20 pm. The 1,750hp hypercar broke an additional three world records in its pursuit to displace the. The official record holder remains the Koenigsegg Agera RS, which hit 277.87 mph back in 2017. So if SSC wants the Tuatara to be the world’s fastest car, it only needs to surpass the 277.87 record. Previously held records. In the process, SSC Tuatara thrashed the previous record held by a pre-production Chiron Super Sport 300+ which recorded an average top speed of 304.77 mph (490 kmph).It.

The SSC Tuatara was a long time coming, but it’s now officially the world’s fastest production vehicle by reaching an average speed of 316.11 mph (508.73 kph). American hypercar company SSC North America has set a new production car speed record with its 1750bhp Tuatara.. Piloted by British racing driver Oliver Webb, the Tuatara conducted two runs of a. The SSC Tuatara Webb was driving to set a new production-car land-speed record had just been hit by a gust of wind at 331 mph, knocking the car one lane over and almost off the road.

The SSC Tuatara has broken 330MPH and shattered a world speed record Koenigsegg's Agera RS has been dethroned as the 'world's fastest production car.' Andrew Tarantola , @terrortola

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