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Ford J Car Crash

The J -car is built at Kar Kraft in Dearborn. The outfit sounds like a hot rod shop, but it is, in fact, a supplier of tooling parts to Ford. When Ford's Advanced Concepts depart­ment was looking around for an outside shop where they could build their wild creations, Kar . On August 18, 1966, Miles died testing a J-Car at Californian circuit Riverside. His Ford flew off a high bank at 200mph and rolled over multiple times, throwing the driver out of the car on its third revolution and bursting into flames. Ford later investigated the crash and blamed it on mechanical failure.

1975. Carmen Vigliatore after the fatal Stommelen's accident.

Extensive research suggests that star race driver Ken Miles might have survived the reported fatal crash at Riverside on August 17, 1966. Search. when his Ford J-car prototype crashed during.

Ford j car crash. By evening the Gurney/Foyt car (J-5) held the lead, with J-7 second. Into the night, things continued to look good for Ford. At about 3:30am, still running second, Andretti pitted J-7. A.J. Foyt, who had brought in J-5 at the same time, was complaining loudly about his American rival’s aggressive driving. Ford's demand for a photo-opportunity dead heat (to which Miles, with uncharacteristic benevolence, had agreed) actually gave victory to Bruce McLaren and Chris Amon because their car was deemed. The crash occurred Monday at 2:52 p.m. along Route 651 (Freemans Ford Road), just east of Route 659 (Fox Groves Road). A 2016 Ford Fusion was traveling west on Rt. 651 at a high rate of speed, the.

A woman in her 20s with a baby in her car and two people in their 50s have been left fighting for their lives after a head-on crash in Essex. The crash between a white Ford Transit van and a Ford. Ferrari, Miles' son, Peter, who idolises his dad, is there on August 16, 1966 at the Riverside Raceway along with Carroll Shelby to work on the experimental Ford J Car that is being developed so. The unstoppable Ken Miles at the wheel of his Ford race car during Le Mans 24 in June,. Ken died in a ball of flames in a 200mph horror crash Credit: Getty – Contributor.

The car broke into pieces and burst into flames upon impact. Miles was 47. Still, even in death, Ken Miles was an unsung racing hero. Ford intended the J-car to be a follow up to the Ford GT Mk. As a direct result of Miles’ death, the car was renamed the Ford Mk IV and outfitted with a steel rollover cage. Images of Kar Kraft and Olthoff Racing SuperFormance Ford J car and GT 40. Kar Kraft Ford MK IV continuation. Olthoff Racing SuperFormance GT 40. Cars and Coffee Charlotte 1 7 12. 2011 Events. NASA Santa's Toy Run Rd ATL Dec 2011. VIR Gold Cup 11 5 11. Kar-Kraft Ford MK IV J18 Mike Teske / Kenny Thompson. •J-CAR' FLIPS Miles Killed At Riverside. RIVERSIDE. Calif. (UPII – Veteran sports car racer Ken Miles, 47. whose precision and gutty driving electrified fans worldwide piloted his last lap Wednesday as his experimental Ford “J-car” flipped at 150 miles per hour.

Miles' death occurred at the wheel of the Ford "J-car", an iteration of the GT40 that included several unique features. These included an aluminum honeycomb chassis construction and a "bread van" body design that experimented with "Kammback" aerodynamic theories. Unfortunately, the fatal Miles accident was attributed at least partly to the. Sadly, tragedy stuck the Ford team a few month later when development driver Ken Miles lost his life a crash at Riverside while testing the J-Car. Miles' fatal crash resulted a redesign to car as a roll cage and a more aerodynamic body was added to the car. The changes to J-Car gave the shaped to the birth of the successful Ford Mark IV. 2015/05/29 – 1966 Ford GT40 J Car – In an effort to develop a car with better aerodynamics and lighter weight, it was decided to retain the 7 litre engine, but redesign the rest of the car and ditch the Mk.I/Mk.II chassis. In order to bring the car more "in house" – the new car was designed using a honeycomb aluminium panels bonded together to form a lightweight but rigid "tub".

Ford J-car at Daytona 1966. That is Ken Miles in 1966 doing testing at Daytona in the Ford J-car. This design had some major aerodynamic flaws that became readily apparent a few months later during testing at Riverside, California when the car looped at high speed then flipped and ejected Miles from the car killing him instantly. Ford v. Ferrari seems to abruptly show Ken Miles' deadly car crash. These are the mysterious circumstances and conspiracy theories about his death that the movie left out. I've learned a few things about Ford GT history today. The X-1 (1965) and the J-car (1966) were stages in the evolution of the GT40. The J-car used aircraft-type composite materials to reduce weight, and minimized drag by using Kamm aerodynamic principles, which account for the startlingly chopped-off straight roofline. I was already familiar with Kamm from the later fastback (a.k.a Kammback.

The car won its class on the way to 4th overall in 1964, the first year of the Ford GT40 program, but driver Bob Bondurant thought the car could have won the whole thing if not for an issue with a. 2020 Spring-Ford Grad Dies After Car Crash – Limerick-Royersford-Spring City, PA – The Spring-Ford High School community is mourning the loss of wrestler Louis Carbajal, a member of the class of 2020. The Ford J-car was intended to be the successor to the all-conquering Ford GT40 Mk.II and, despite reliability problems, showed potential in the springtime Le Mans trials. After the death of Walt Hansgen in a J-car Ford while testing at Le Mans in April, the decision was made to shelve the J-car and focus on the proven Mk IIs, and little.

Two people were killed and four others seriously injured in a head-on collision Monday afternoon in Fauquier County. The wreck happened at 2:52 p.m. on Freemans Ford Road just east of Fox Groves. Two months later, on August 17, 1966, Miles was killed test driving the new Ford J-Car at Riverside Raceway. Due to an unknown equipment failure, the car spun out of control, and Miles was thrown. Sadly, just a few months after Ford defeats Ferrari at the 1966 Le Mans (and he misses out on being the individual winner on a technicality), Miles is killed while testing out a new Ford vehicle (the J-car) at the at Riverside International Raceway in southern California.

A couple of months later, while testing the J-car, Miles’ car disappears in a cloud of crash debris, as we see Shelby running towards the site of crash with disbelief. It’s pretty evident — even though it is not shown in the film — that Ken Miles died instantly due to the severe crash.

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